Our activities

Scientific Publication and Medical Writing

From first draft to final submission, Dodet BioScience offers a full range of scientific writing, editing and publishing services

We coordinate publications for Scientific conferences:
Preparation of books of abstracts for conferences, and for post-conference publication. We look after everything from manuscript collection, editing and proofreading to coordination with the publishers to ensure timely and high-quality publication.

We write and edit scientific papers and reports:
These are fully researched and referenced articles written to comply with authors’ instructions and with recognized guidelines for publication in international journals.

We undertake Scientific and technical Translation
English > French, and French > English

We compile Press releases and press packages

We compile materials for industry-backed and academic courses

Conference and Seminar Organisation

Communication is ideally a face to face affair. Scientific knowledge has always been shared at learned meetings. Dodet BioScience is the perfect catalyst for ensuring that the scientists can concentrate on the science. We take care of

The planning and organization of conferences, meetings and workshops from conception to action:
      - Defining objectives and outcomes to ensure a successful event
      - Coordination of scientific committees – drafting and finalizing the programme
      - Liaising with invited speakers and participants

Logistics coordination

Expert groups:
      - Selection of experts
      - Coordination of meetings
      - Publication of the outcome

Training and internal Seminars

Communications Counsultancy

The communications issues facing any organization are unique and solutions need to be individually tailored. By conducting an in-depth review of an organization’s current communications structures and requirements we can develop an effective communications philosophy applicable at every level.

Communicating scientific and medical subjects is a special case with special needs. Dodet BioScience are experts in scientific communication. We offer:

A review of current communications structures
Identification and coordination of stakeholders’ interests
Identification of communication needs

An evaluation of available communications methods in the context of organisational needs

Design and implementation of an effective communications strategy
Organisation of meetings
Definition of a publication strategy
Preparation of documents and presentations

Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.

Bertrand Russell